The 2nd Customer Service Management Africa Awards & Conference 2015 - 14th-15th September 2015, Windhoek, Namibia.   (+264) 61 251 014)

About The Awards & Conference

The theme this year is “Expecting better: Delivering more.”Following on from the successful launch of Namibia Customer Service Awards and Conference last year, the Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business with Conference Link will be hosting the second CSM Africa Awards and Conference here again in Namibia in 2015.

Using this theme we want to facilitate bridging of the gap between suppliers and customer by encouraging motivated suppliers and informed customers.

Aims of the project continue to be:

  • Facilitating conversations in Namibia about the importance of excellent customer service

  • Raising awareness about the opportunities and benefits that a culture of excellent customer service can bring to Namibia

  • Inspiring a customer service movement, not just an event.

The highlight of the 2015 event is to make the first Customer Service Heroes & Heroines Award. These Heroes and Heroines are people at the grassroots who continually deliver excellent customer service often overcoming bureaucratic obstacles in the process, doing their work quietly in far-flung corners of the country. We want to celebrate these people in an annual Awards ceremony, and thereby catalyse a culture of excellent customer service

Keynote Speakers

For more information please contact Alexandra on +264 61 251014 or email: